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Backstage, before one of his American concerts, he plays the new CD at full volume for me and the walls shake while he dances, snaps his fingers and sings along with himself.Rolling his big blue eyes, he shakes his head and, with surprising force, punches the air as he belts out the refrain: "I need you baby, to warm the lonely night" At one point, he pauses to tell me the name of his female partner in the duet. Proud British pedigrees such as the Skye terrier, bloodhound and Dandie Dinmont are facing extinction — rejected in favour of ‘It’ breeds beloved of celebrities.A mere 28 Skye terriers were registered with the Kennel Club last year, along with 40 otterhounds, 53 bloodhounds, 49 Sussex spaniels and 84 King Charles spaniels.I can't hear him above the roar, and the voice is one I don't recognise.When the song is over, he hands me a photo of a scantily clad Denise Van Outen.

Breeders believe a birth rate of 300 puppies a year is needed to guarantee a large enough pool for a healthy population.

Sussex spaniel: These golden-brown gun dogs have a companionable temperament.

First bred in 1795 in Hastings for hunting, during World War II they nearly became extinct as breeding programmes were discouraged to save food. Numbers rose to 74 registered with the Kennel Club in 2012 after a campaign, but last year this fell to 49.

"So many girls were jumping around me, I felt like some young star.

It was better than Viagra."As a little joke - at least, I think it's a joke - he keeps a sign outside his bedroom door that reads: "Lurking within is God's gift to women."In the Sixties, many women might have taken such a sign seriously.

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