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The nicest thing about this film is that it shows the honest perspectives of both sides and even some of the parents, and it's very nice that it follows the story for quite some time (at least a year, if not more--I didn't keep track) to show how some of the relationships didn't work out while others seemed to get better.They came in their thousands and were not disappointed.It was disheartening to see one man who was outright scammed and misled by a woman, and two more who were likely scammed.Two of the couples do get married, and the bond between one of them is quite evident and they seemed very genuine and in love--it was cute to watch them.One reviewer stated that the entire purpose of this film was to expose what a scam the entire "mail order bride" industry was. I think the point of the movie was to explore and show the different experiences and motives of the men and women using these services, which it did quite well.Some of these men seemed to have unrealistic expectations, looking for a super model type wife even though they themselves were overweight and older, but a couple seemed very genuine and sincere in their search to connect with someone.

See full summary » This character-driven film considers the evolving sex trafficking landscape as seen by the main players: the exploited, the pimps, the johns that fuel the business, and the cops who fight to stop it.

These are presently the top 2 teams in the league, so any matchup between the two is expected to be a good one.

In the Women’s league, Anytime Fitness Wolverines triumphed over Maples Lynx with a resounding 6-0 victory.

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