Sharepoint 2016 rss feed not updating

Jeff Atwood, I finally understand what's going on and how to fix it. When a feed is added to Outlook, the default settings (which are hidden under the ‘Advanced’ button) are to .Outlook will not check a feed for new content more often than this minimum interval.

This is accomplished by simply adding the two words FOR XML to the end of an SQL query.So why are RSS feeds so darned slow to update in Outlook?After an email exchange and a little bit of prodding in the right direction from Yours Truly Mr.I've had a miserable experience with RSS feeds in Outlook, especially with my feeds from the Trilogy sites.I just know these feeds should update at least every few minutes, yet Outlook often takes an hour or more to show any changes.

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So in this default situation, Outlook will check for updates once per hour.

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